Do you sell DVDs?

Sorry, but we don't have any DVDs available.

Is there a CD available?

No. Not anymore, sorry.

Are there any more Phonics Songs?

All our videos are on our YouTube channel. If it's not there then it hasn't been made yet. We do plan to finish the series of individual phonics songs eventually.


Do you have any sheet music?

Sorry, we don't have any sheet music available. Many of the songs do have guitar chords posted in the info box under the video on YouTube . You may need to click "show more" to see the full information.


What software do you use to make your animations?

We use Moho - Anime Studio by Smith Micro.


Do you have any Karaoke/Instrumental versions?

No. Sorry.


If you have any further questions. Please email: kidstv123 @hotmail.com (no space)

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